Master Classes

IMG 20150811 193858 1  Alexandria Bradley's Advanced Tap Class

See skill levels required for Tapology Summer Tap Intensive described below.

Fast Beginner

Student should have at least six months basic tap. 

Fast Beginner Tapology Shanzell Page
Fast Beginner Class w/ Shanzell Page at Tapology Summer Tap Intensive

Student must have a strong foundation of tap technique with a solid understanding of syncopated rhythm possibilities.

Intermediate Class Maurice Chestnut Tapology

Intermediate Class w/ Maurice Chestnut at Tapology Summer Tap Intensive

Students must have a strong background with varied experience in styles, structure and footwork.

Advanced Class Alexandria Bradley Tapology

Advanced Tap Class w/ Alexandria Bradley at Tapology Summer Tap Intensive

Adult Beginner Tap
This is the beginning adult class is for the absolute beginner. They will learn the basics and fundamentals of tap along with traditional dances and routines. These classes will be taught by Dianne Walker, Chester Whitmore, Mable Lee and Bruce Bradley

Adult Tap Kevin Ramsey Tapology
Adult Tap Class w/ Kevin Ramsey at Tapology

The Hip-Hop class is for all levels taught by Bianca Revels who was a back up dancer for "Rihanna" and one of the top 20 for "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 6. She will be teaching choreography that reflects the current dances within the hip-hop culture and music video industry.
Bianca Revels Connects Dance and Fitness For Tapology Youth 2015

Hip Hop Class w/ Bianca Revels at Tapology

The swing class is a social dance that involves partnering and the styles of the West Coast Swing. Taught by Chester Whitmore.

West African
West African dance classes will have live drumming to support the music of the traditional dances from Guinea and Mali taught by Quynn Johnson.

West African Dance Quynn Johnson Tapology
West African Dance at Tapology w/ Quynn Johnson