History of tap•ol•o•gy

threekids Thirty years ago seasoned actor Alfred Bruce Bradley took up the art of tap dancing to expand his repertoire. He didn't learn from a tap school, he learned from people who were TAPOLOGISTS, artists who learned from the masters, and passed that knowledge on to new apprentices.  Years later Mr. Bruce brought his daughters up in the tap culture and then expanded his tutelage to other children by joining under Creative Expressions Dance Studio founded by Sheila Miller-Graham in Flint, Michigan.

In 2001 the Tapology Festival was born to bring together legendary dancers from all over the world, with dance schools and underprivileged youth in the Flint area. The festival includes classes from the masters, lectures, luncheons and culminates with unforgettable concert performances by Tapology Youth Ensemble students and the masters who give their time and talent to instruct them.

Originally founded as a way to give back to the community through teaching, Tapology has become much more, teaching hundreds of youth how to interact with their past, present and future, all while maintaining the highest standards of entertainment quality in productions like the Annual Tapology Concert.

The Tapology Festival has expanded beyond being an annual event, and is moving toward a vision of becoming a movement through programs like the Tapology Youth Ensemble, Walker-Collins Project, Visting Schools Day and our Tapology Summer Tap Intensive.